Spinal Decompression

The spine is incredibly vulnerable to compression, which can lead to a herniated disc, arthritis, sciatica, or a pinched nerve. The pain of these issues can be debilitating, and the condition often doesn’t resolve itself without help. At Back in Motion in Carrollton, TX, our chiropractor near you provides different types of treatments that address your back issues.


How the Spine Compresses

The spine can compress in a number of ways. This is most often caused by factors such as repetitive movement, sitting in a chair for too long, arthritis, and more. Wear and tear or degenerative bone diseases allow the vertebrae to tilt or lean to one side. Another condition, known as a herniated disc, is the result of a tear in a spinal disc that allows the disc's cushioning gel to leak out. In turn, the disc deflates, also allowing nearby vertebrae to tilt. 

The end result is spinal compression that allows the vertebrae to press on the nerve roots that exit the spine between the vertebrae. This can happen anywhere in the spine, including the neck, center back, and lumbar spine. Spinal compression can cause sensations in your neck, joint to hand pain, or pain in your lower back, hip, and knee, depending on where your vertebrae have compressed. 

What Happens to the Body When Vertebrae Compress the Nerves

Your vertebrae have spaces between them which allows nerves to extend out of the spine. The nerves range from major nerve systems, such as the ones that control your legs and arms, to minor nerves only responsible for local sensations and body control. When a vertebra presses on a nerve root, you may experience pain, tingling and burning sensations, and muscle weakness. In some cases, the pain can be so strong that you're unable to move an impacted limb or walk without pain.

The pain sensations range from minor irritations to numbness, pins and needle sensations, sharp shocks, or constant pain. Your best course of action to get pain relief is to make an appointment with a chiropractor who can address the physical causes of your spinal compression. 

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At Back in Motion, our chiropractor works with athletes to help them perform at their best. He brings his experience to his patients to help them live pain-free lives through the use of different physical therapies to provide relief from a pinched nerve or sciatica. Instead of searching for a chiropractor near you, call us for an appointment for chiropractic treatment to start your journey to wellness today. 

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