Lower back pain is a common complaint and many people experience it at some time in their lives. No single treatment is guaranteed to provide complete relief but a “chiropractor near me” on our team will work with you to design a personal plan to help your back recover from your pain, including pain from sciatica. This recovery plan may include spinal adjustment to bring your spine into alignment, exercises, and lifestyle changes. We at Back in Motion Chiropractic in Carrollton, TX, are here to help.


Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are several possible causes of lower back pain, including:

  • Muscle injuries.
  • Bulging or ruptured discs.
  • Arthritis or osteoporosis.
  • Sciatica

When you get your evaluation, our chiropractor will go through your symptoms and history to try to understand the root causes. There are also different diagnostic tests our chiropractor might use to help diagnose your condition. By understanding the cause, you can receive treatment, such as a chiropractic adjustment, that might not only treat the symptoms but might help you avoid the symptoms in the future.

Disc Herniation and Sciatica

Sciatica is one of the more painful lower back conditions. The sciatica is the largest nerve in the body, running from your lower back down both legs. When a herniated disc or bone spur presses on the nerve, you may experience intense pain in your back and legs.

There are some people more likely to be victims of sciatic pain. Their risk factors include:

  • Age
  • Obesity
  • Occupations
  • Prolonged sitting

Get a Chiropractic Adjustment from a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain Relief

Chiropractors are trained to treat their patients as unique individuals instead of symptoms. By using a holistic approach, a “chiropractor near me” on our team can help you develop habits that go beyond treating the original complaint.

Unlike other treatments for pain, a chiropractor will use techniques and treatments that are natural and drug-free. Let us at Back in Motion Chiropractic in Carrollton, TX, help you achieve your life goals free from pain. Call us at (972) 999-7771 to help get pain relief from a “chiropractor near me.”

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