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Here at Back in Motion, we are on a mission to eliminate pain and restore movement through physiotherapy, a revolutionary treatment modality that combines the best of physical therapy and chiropractic care – and more. This approach looks at the big picture, helps you take an active role in your recovery, and assists you in achieving the kind of mobility that other physical treatment options simply can’t offer. Led by Dr. Pratik Soni, who has worked with professional athletes from the WNBA Dallas Wings and the NLL Panther City Lacrosse Club, our team helps you achieve long-term results.

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We’re firm believers that muscular imbalances in the body can cause more harm than good. This is why we offer treatments that go beyond standard chiropractic care or physical therapy. Instead, we focus on methods like massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than drugs or surgery to help you heal. As experienced physiotherapists, we are able to provide a wide variety of proven services that aren’t typically available elsewhere.

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Pain simply isn’t normal, so don’t wait to seek help. Here at Back in Motion, we believe that no one should have to learn to live with pain, and we offer physiotherapy as a way to restore your quality of life, no matter where or how you receive your injury.

What Our Patients Say

  • Absolutely incredible Chiro. I couldn’t speak more highly of Dr. Pratik Soni. He listens to the issues you have and comes up with a plan of attack; instead of waiting for more issues to arise, he foresees them and adjusts your care accordingly. If you want your care of injuries, pains, aches to be taken care of correctly then call and book now.

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  • I have been seeing Dr Soni for about a year now for several things, including a sciatic nerve issue — all of which he has helped with tremendously! However, over the past year, I had been battling a horrible sinus infection which was causing massive pressure from all the inflammation, including ear canals; the headaches were unbearable at times. Dr Soni recommended trying the ‘Piezowave shockwave’ treatment he was using on my lower back to help stimulate the muscles in the face and possibly help relieve the pressure and headaches. Well, within minutes of 1st treatment, I FELT something happening that truly amazed me — I could feel my sinuses opening up & starting to drain! I had to pause treatment to expel what was draining (gross!) — the relief and continued draining for DAYS following treatment not only relieved my headaches, but my sinuses and upper inflammation has greatly improved. I can honestly say that the 3-4 treatments that Dr Soni applied over the past month have helped me exponentially more than 3 Dr’s visits (over 6 months), 3 rounds of steroids and antibiotics. Thank you Dr Soni!!!

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  • For years I have had chronic pains from athletic injuries. I started treatment by Dr.Soni I can finally say I’m not in a life of pain. I can’t recall another time in my life I haven’t had neck, back and knee pain. I can’t thank Dr.Soni enough. I highly recommend Back In Motion!

    - Andrew Vera


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